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9 days left for Panjab University student elections, parties try to gain ground | SNE

By  Hindustan Times .
Aug 29, 2017

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With only a few days left for the polls, campaigning by parties is back at full throttle at the Panjab University. This comes after the varsity authorities announced that the polls will be held on September 7.

Many organisation were expecting that the election will be postponed, following the chaos created in the city around Ram Rahim’s conviction. But leaders of the parties are optimistic that they will be able to cover up the gap, after many city institute remained closed for most of the last week, in electioneering process.

Colleges wear deserted look on Monday

Colleges remained deserted on Monday as many students from neighbouring states of Haryana, Punjab and Himachal had left the city.

Leader of Indian National students Organisation unit of Indian National Student Organisation (INSO), Vikas Malik, said, “Students from other states will return once the situation ease out in the region. However, the classes had began and so have the campaigning,” He added that since they have limited time, the party would have to look for new strategies.

The poor student turnout also defused the plans of organisation who were going to announce their panel for the election.

On the other hand, there are those who have formed an alliance and are already feeling strong. INSO, Gandhi Group Student Union (GGSU), and Student Organisation of India (SOI) in Post Graduate Government College, Sector 11 have started class campaigning on Monday as they do not want to lose even a single day.

Parties to stick with older demands

Vijay Kumar, UT President of All India Students Association (AISA), said, “As we are left with only nine days, we will take up issues that we have been fighting for. The question of gender will remain on the top. Girl students are locked inside the colleges and houses even during the university years. We will arrange discussions on the issue.”

He added, “We will also take up the local issues of colleges regarding water supply, sanitation, food, and even the funds that are taken from students.”

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