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About Us

Sikh News Express is the global resource and research database on News from Punjab (state) in India. The database consists of news articles, academic journals, reports, and research studies, Socio-economic, political, art and cultural stories curated by experts in the field. It is updated daily/ weekly and contains information in multiple languages. The database is searchable by keyword and by theme.


Developed in 2016, SNE provides knowledge and information to service providers, news portals, TV channels, legislators, executive, law enforcement professionals, students, researchers, and anyone with an interest on what is happening in Punjab. In addition to the database, SNE offers background information, videos, a weekly news feed, weekly blog all focused on human problems. SNE aims to increase public awareness and facilitate the elimination of human suffering worldwide.

SNE also publishes original research and timely analysis on current events, socio-economic and political trends in PUNJAB.


SNE wants to run sustained campaign against injustice, malpractices,and human-rights violations and strive to work for power to the people. We intend to reach out to Countries, which have Punjabi Diaspora with incisive reporting and creative presentation of art, culture and traditions, the news portal will target the global Punjabis with news that is credible and neutral.


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