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Addicted To Your Phone? Punjab Gets Its First Mobile Detox Centre In Amritsar || SNE

Jul 10, 2019

Addicted to your phone? Punjab gets its first mobile detox centre in Amritsar

An Amritsar-based private hospital has opened Punjab’s first mobile de-addiction centre for ditigal detox of adults besides the school children and even small kids.


The hospital was in the news after it opened a drug de-addiction centre for women two years ago.


The idea of opening a digital detox centre came to the mind of Dr Jagdeep Pal after parents started approaching him for counselling of their mobile-addicted children.


“Parents handover their mobile phones to small childlren so that they let them work. This becomes an addiction later which results in bad and irritating behaviour. There is no medicine to get rid of the mobile phones but a restricted use or no use can improve one’s behaviour. The parents can play a big role in the digital detox of their children,” Dr Jagdeep Pal said.


Most of the parents visiting the centre are working couples who leave their children with the babysitters or give kids phones to keep them busy and not disturb the parents.


“My daughter is nine months old. I started showing her the mobile phone. Now she starts crying when I take my phone back from her. I am worried about her as the mobile phone has changed her behaviour,” Paramjit Kaur, the mother of the child, said.



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