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American Company Apologizes To Sikhs Advertising Turban || SNE

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Dec 05, 2019

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The American Company Nordstrom has Apologized to the Sikh community for its advertisement related to the turban. However, a top representative of the civil rights organization of the Sikh community in US said on saturday that they are still waiting for the response of ‘Gucci’, the company producing these turbans.


Simran Jit Singh, an officer of New York-based Sikh organization,said that company are making money by presenting beloved and sacred items to people all over the world as consumption goods. He said that the turban is matter of deep faith for the people of his community.


Significantly, an advertisement of the turban was given on Nordstrom’s website on Wednesday(May 15). Its description read”The brilliantly finished turban is ready to adorn the head. It will give you rest…, However ,it was not available for sale on the Nordstrom website on Saturday (May 18). It was described on the website as a “head covering” thing on the website, presenting it in the category of sold out without a picture.


The advertisment was objected to by the sikh community, following which Nordstrom apologized. Nordstrom tweeted, “We have to decided to stop this product and remove it from the site. It was not our intention to religious and cultural symbols. We apologize to every who has been hurt by this.”


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