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Bobby Deol Talks About His Lost Stardom And How He Has Changed As A Person | SNE

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Sep 07, 2017

“Stardom is like making love in a hammock – a happy experience but one of uncertain duration.”

This saying holds true for Bobby Deol. During the 90s, he was a style icon, a popular actor and one of the most desirable men in the film industry. But with the evolution of cinema and the advent of young actors, his popularity faded. He failed to adapt to the change.

Earlier, the actor had mentioned that he had become a self-destructive man and a total alcoholic as offers stopped coming his way. Now, he is a changed man. He has become disciplined and a positive person. In his recent interviews with leading newspapers, he opened up about his depressing phase, his new movie ‘Poster Boyz’, and his zeal to do more and more work.

The actor accepted that he was a bit naive and didn’t know how the industry works. He says,
I have never really understood the pattern of how to get work. People used to come to us earlier but lately, the younger lot grabbed the roles but this is how the system has become now. I was upset, went into my own struggle within me, took the support of certain things which I thought would comfort me but they brought me down.


The actor believes that he had come out stronger. He continues,
I did absolutely nothing over the last four years. I don’t know what went wrong. Either I was not appealing, or, the roles that I wanted to be part of, did not come my way. I laid low since I was losing the plot. I think I didn’t look fresh or that exciting to them back then. I only know that I have to work since I have kids. Why should I pity myself or let people pity me? I want work based on my merits. I have come out stronger and exorcised the demons in my mind.


He credits Shreyas Talpade for his comeback.
Shreyas helped me when I was frustrated. He believed that I could pull off the role of a small town man. Bhaiya [Sunny] and I are doing things we have never done before.

We wish him luck.

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