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Bobby Singh urges Midlands-based property owners to offer ‘free home’ to NHS staff

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Mar 28, 2020

Loveyourpostcode.com founder Bobby Singh has said that his company will offer around 50 properties for free to NHS workers throughout the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Property providers such as MECS Sales and Lettings have already joined loveyourpostcode to extend the gesture. A Facebook page has been set up where other companies can also join. Bobby Singh has urged Midlands-based property providers to do the same.

“We’ve got properties that are doing nothing when key workers, on the front line, need a rest. So the idea was just to give those apartments that you’re not using or selling or renting, over the next few weeks, months – however long they require it,” says Bobby Singh. “There is a time to make money, and there’s a time to serve your people.”

Though the original intention was to provide NHS staff with premises closer to their place of work, Singh received requests from people who wish to self-isolate from vulnerable or elderly family members.

He along with other accommodation providers has set up a Facebook page to support those companies wishing to help. The page has over 200 members and counting.

Currently, teachers and drivers operating emergency vehicles are using these facilities.

“These guys are on the frontline of fighting COVID-19. They are at the greatest risk of contracting this virus. What they want is a go-to place. So rather than going home, they want to feel safe in that they can go to this apartment, and it’s almost like working, but not taking it back home, so protecting their loved ones,” explains Singh.

He appeals to other service accommodation providers, hotels to contact their local NHS and offer apartments to workers.

“May people out there are sitting on rooms. They can contact their local NHS saying that they are ready to offer accommodation for the staff. If everyone does this in their own NHS Trust area, that would evoke a great positive response. Anyone who wants to be a local hero should be considering this,” he says.

Bobby Singh was very much moved by the report that a paramedic was evicted by the landlord as the latter wanted “no virus in his property”. He reasons giving empty properties to these people for free will make a huge impact.

“I don’t think there’s anything greater than serving the front line. I am a fully practising Sikh, and at times like this, you can’t be selfish. You know, you’ve got to serve. And if you serve people that are serving the country, you are almost on the frontline yourself,” he adds.

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