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By   SNE Guest Columnist Surinder S Sarin .
Jun 07, 2017

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The existence of God cannot be proved in a scientific way by means of observation, experiment and verification. This type of proof is possible only in the field of physical phenomena . There are two types of evidence – direct and indirect. Indirect proof is based on probabilities and circumstances. The existence of God can be proved on the basis of circumstantial evidence and the testimony of saints and prophets. God cannot be known through five senses. Just as there is electro- magnetic wave which cannot be seen, heard, tasted and touched and yet it carries sound through the wireless, in the same way, God’s existence is inferred, though it cannot be demonstrated. Moreover, the personal testimony of saints who have realized God may be accepted, as a large percentage of our knowledge is second-hand and there is little we know through direct experience.

The existence of the universe and the design or pattern behind it makes people feel that it could not have just happened. There has to be of a Creator. Just as a big mansion cannot be built without a master-builder or an architect, in the same way, the universe must have been created by a master artist.

The consciousness of a moral sense within the individual is also an indication of some moral order of the universe. We know that truth is better than a lie, love is better than hate. Where did these beliefs come from? They are an indication of the Creator who requires respect for these values of life. Modern scientists have come to realize the existence of a power, which designs and controls the phenomena of Nature. The pattern of the universe and the regularity of the laws behind its working confirm belief in the Lord of the universe.

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