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Chaar Sahibzaade: Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur “Gross distortion of Sikh history”

By  Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer .
Nov 28, 2016


Chaar Sahibzaade: Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur “Gross distortion of Sikh history”
Watched Char Sahibzaaday: The rise of Banda Singh. 35+ shocking blunders and distortion of Sikh history.

1. Film shows that Banda Singh surrendered. It is untrue. Due to hunger Banda Singh and the Sikhs had become so weak that they could not even move. When there was no movement for several days, the Mughal forced broke open the gate of the fortress and arrested the Sikhs.

2. Film has shown that only a few dozen Sikhs were taken to Delhi as prisoners whereas the number was 740.

3. Banda Singh son is shown as killed with sword, whereas the truth is that he was killed with a dagger, his liver was pulled out and an attempt was made to thrust the same in Banda Singh’s mouth.

4. Film shows that Banda Singh was killed by pulling out his eyes. The reality is that first his legs were cut off and then his arms were cut off one by one, then his eyes were pulled out and his head was broken with a hammer.

5. Film says Anandpur Sahib was got vacated by Wazir Khan, whereas it was Bilaspur and Handur armies.

6. Film says Chamkaur was surrounded by Wazir Khan with 10 lakh army. The film has tried to establish the gossip of Zafarnama. First it was not Wazir Khan’s army (it was Malerkotla army) which has put siege to Chamkaur. Secondly, the total number of the armies of the king, the Governors and other Mansabdars was not more than 1.25 lakh.

7. Film says that the Mughals did not remove the debris of the wall in which Sahibzadas were walled alive and people bowed to (or worshipped) the bricks. This is total lie. By the way, they were walled alive in the four walls of the fort (where the bhora sahib has been built) and the public could not have access to that place.

8. The film say that someone would light a lamp there and the Moghul watchmen helped the lady which used to light the lamp. This is lie.

9. Film say Ali Singh and Mali Singh were Diwans (ministers) of Wazir Khan. This is wrong. They were just ordinary employees.

10. Banda Singh has been presented as man with occult powers (blowing storm etc). This is an attempt to establish that magic does exist. Sikhism rejects it.

11. Film says that Guruji got information from the dera of Jait Ram that Madio Das had established his centre at Naded and Guruji went to meet him. The truth is that Guruji did not go to south ot meet Banda Singh. He went with Bahadur Shah and when Guruji realized that Bahadur Shah has changed his mind, then he moved towards Nanded.

12. Bhai Mani Singh is shown as present with the wives of the Guru , in Delhi, whereas he was in Amritsar.

13. Film shown that the Pathans attacked Guruji when Banda Singh was still there. This is totally untrue.

14. The gossip of sending of a doctor by Bahadur Shah to stitch Guru’s wounds too is false propaganda of the Mughals (with an intention to relieve Mughal of collaboration in the attack).

15. When the Guru was lying badly wounded, he sent Banda Singh to Punjab.

16. At the time of the Guru the Sikh flag was blue and not kesri. All old books mention BLUE flag and not a single book mentions kesri flag.

17. The emblem/insignia of Khanda was created by the British for their Sikh soldiers. It was not there during Guru’s time or even Ranjit Singh’s time.

18. Guruji did not send 5 + 25 (5 jathas of 5 Sikhs each). Banda Singh came to the Punjab in the TAMDA (trade caravan) of Bhagwant Singh Bangesghri.

19. In the film, Buria is shown as first halt of Banda Sibgh. It was Khanda and Sehri (near Sonepat).

20. In the film, Banda ask the Guru ‘why did you chose me’ as the leader of the army. The Guru said ‘since long I had been looking for a warrior’. This is gross insult to Daya Singh, Dharam Singh and all other Sikhs. Were they not ‘warriors’. All of them had already fought several battles.

21. According to the film the Guru declared ‘I want to perform a ceremony’. Then he declares: “today I make formal declaration that now onward Guru Granth Sahib will be the Guru of the Sikhs.” The truth is that when the Guru said that he was not likely to survive then the Sikhs who will be our Guru; and, i answer to that the Guru declared that Guru Granth Sahib will be the Guru (i.e. the Guru will be present in the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib). This was not ‘I want to perform a ceremony’.

22. The introduction of presenting coconut and five praise to Guru Granth Sahib too is against the Sikh Rahitmaryada. It was introduced by the Nirmalas and the Brahmin writers.

23. The film tries to prove that the Guru’s body was not cremated. When the lady says: ‘Go, find and bring Guruji’, it leads to the illusion that the Guru’s body disappeared. This story too is fiction created by Nirmalas.

24. Film says that BAIRAGI Singhs and Fateh Singh too joined Banda Singh. This is distortion of history. Not a single source says that any Bairagi joined Banda Singh’s force. It was only Sikhs who joined him.

25. Film says that after the victory of Samana Banda Singh declared egalitarian system (land to the tiller). Truth is that this declaration was made after the victroy of Sarhand.

26. Banda Singh is shown as ‘repenting’ for attack on Samana and the killings of the people. This again is distortion. Banda Singh never expressed such a feeling; moreover he had done nothing wrong wit anyone. On the hand even the Muslims (who were the victims of the Moghul rulers) had also joined Banda Singh. This is insult to Banda Singh.

27. Film shown that Bulla Shah had expressed sympathy with Banda Singh’s action in the Punjab. This is wrong. Bulla Shah (1680-1767) began writing poetry after the martyrdom of Banda. Bulla and Waris Shah (1722-1798) both expressed pain at the victory of the Sikhs: (a) dar khulla hashar azaab da. ‘dar khullah hashar azaab da. buraa haal hoeya punjabda’ (b) ‘Bhurian vaalay raajay keetay. mughlan zehar pialay peetay’.

28. Film has wrongly quoted Gurbani. When Banda Singh thinks of attacking Sarhand, thi situation is co mpared to ‘sochay soch na hovaee…’. This line of Gurbaani is about ‘shauch’ (bathing, ritual bathing). This is insult to Gurbani.

29. Wazir Khan is attacked by Banda Singh with the fake brick (from the wall in which sahibzadas were bricked alive). This is fiction and distortion of history.

30. Film shows that Sucha Nand was arrested from a street of Sarhand. In fact he had hid himself in a house and was arrested on information received from the local people.

31. Film says that Sucha Nand was killed by Banda Singh. This is not true. He was arrested and taken around in the streets. People threw stones on him and he was killed thus.

32. Film says:Sahib Kaur was the second wife of Banda Singh. This is wrong.
He was married to her in June 1710 and the marriage with Sushil (daughter of Chamba king) was held in the end if 1711.

33. Mata Sunder Kaur is shown as weeping at the martyrdom of the Sahibzadas.

34. The two major things that should have been MUST shown have been ignored (may be deliberately): A young, newly married person refuses to save his life by declaring himself a Hindu.

35. The Muslims ask Banda Singh and the Sikhs that why did they launch war against the regime, and, what would they do if they were not in chains. The answers by Banda Singh and the Sikhs are very important.

There are still more mistakes.

I watched this movie in Delhi. Thanks to Jasneet Singh (Rajouri Garden, Delhi)
and his companions (Swarndeep Singh and Amamrdep Singh, and, Captain
Yashpal Singh) who arranged this. I could not note down all the points in darkness.

2 thoughts on “Chaar Sahibzaade: Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur “Gross distortion of Sikh history””

  1. Sehri Khanda village in present sonipat district was the first military headquarter of baba ji .he stayed there from 24 feb 1709 to 4th November 1709 . The film is not based on proper research .


    Nanak Shak Fakir was a Pro Sikh Film that did not show Guru’s Face nor skin, but Chaar Sainzaaday producer Harry Baweja was jealous that it would hurt his profits SO HE GOT NANAK SHAH FAKIR BANNED!

    SHAME that Film made by Nanak was Banned and Fake Cartoon made by Harry Baweja was not

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