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CNY Inspirations: Sikh Calendar | SNE

By  InterFaith Works of Central New York .
Mar 12, 2017


The Sikh calendar’s philosophical structure celebrates the existence of the singular reality and reiterates that there is none other than Him. This adumbrates the basic tenet of the Sikh faith.

Time during these twelve months offers opportunities to unite with the timeless. But two conditions apply: first, initiative on the part of the individual in the form of an intense longing, keeping company of the holy, reciting the Divine Name, singing the praises of the infinite and realizing that He is indeed with the self; and second, the grace of the Lord Divine.

Throughout the year, Sikh’s fifth Guru beseeches Him for His mercy, His benevolent glance. Once united, ultimate liberation is achieved and there is freedom from the cycle of birth and death. Months are transcended. One is taken into the state of timeless everlasting bliss.

The first month of the Sikh calendar is Chet. By cherishing the Lord in the month of Chet, one attains bliss abundant. Baisakh, the month following Chet, becomes glad only if one meets the Lord’s devotees who help him end his duality. Asar month is scorching for those who are separated from the Lord, and Savan month is blessed with united souls who cherish in their hearts the Name Divine.

Man’s own forgetfulness of God is the cause of all his sufferings. All duality and pangs end as one excelling good fortune attains union with the Lord. In the month of Magh, the mind must “bathe” in the dust of the feet of the holy and remember His name–for this alone can wash off the dirt of past deeds.

Upon whom the Lord’s grace rests, all months, days and timings are auspicious. It is Divine favor and benevolence coupled with the individual’s own initiative that helps him break the cycle of transmigration and win acceptance at the Lord’s portal.

Dr. Baljinder Singh, is a member of the Sikh community of Syracuse. A graduate of New York University, he is currently running a solo dental office in Cortland, NY.

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