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Dangal sets Rs 20 crore record in China, earns rave reviews | SNE

May 06, 2017


starrer Dangal has set a Rs 20 crore record in its opening day, the most for an Indian film in China, as it opened to rave reviews from Chinese audiences.

The film, which opened on May 5, had crossed Rs 20.65 crore by early Saturday (22.16 million Yuan), around four times the earlier high for an Indian film of Rs 5.7 crore set by PK.

PK in China went on to cross Rs 100 crore, the first Indian film to do so, a landmark that Dangal seems on track to match.
The film has benefited from both Aamir Khan’s popularity in China, as well as a wide promotion campaign and release. Aamir spent a week in China in April promoting the film, travelling to Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu.


Distributors said the film opened to 7,000 screens, more than the 4,000 screens that PK opened to, even if the decision by China’s top cinema operator, Wanda, to all but blank out the film may cost its earnings especially in second and third-tier towns, where Wanda has a monopoly.

Wanda as of last year had 1,657 screens in China – the number is set to cross 3,000 this year – with estimates that its decision to only arrange 37 screens for Dangal could reduce its earnings by one-third, especially in tier-two and tier-three towns.

On China’s most popular cinema portals, the film has garnered rave reviews from fans. On social media app WeChat, it enjoys the highest rating among films currently being shown in China with a 9.8 score out of ten.

“The best movie I have ever watched, worth to stay up all night for the evening show,” said one fan on the website Douban. “I have never written a review for any movie before, it was so touching, I was laughing and crying at the same time. Hope you guys watch it, believe me, you will love it.”

Despite Wanda’s lack of interest in the film, a number of Chinese celebrities have also come out to promote the film. The actor Deng Chao posted a message on the Chinese Twitter equivalent Sina Weibo telling fans to watch it, while actress Liu Yifei promoted the film along with Aamir Khan during his visit.

“I give full marks to Dangal,” wrote another fan on Douban. “I w
as touched that I cried so much and when I ran out of tissue, I borrowed two pieces of it from a stranger beside me, I am going to watch it again and again.”

“First time that I clapped in a cinema,” said one fan, “not only me but also everyone here clapped, the best and most touching movie ever.”

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