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Dear Kapil Sharma, you should have apologised to Sunil Grover, instead of playing blame game with media | SNE

By  India Today .
Mar 20, 2017


Or if you found the word apologise too long, a sorry could have solved the matter.

Kapil Sharma is a comedy genius, no doubt, but he is a ‘human’–as stated by him in his reaction post the tiff with Sunil Grover–and he errs. Only, his controversies tend to get blown out of proportion (again as stated by him) and hog reams and reams of newsprint, much like his mega success on television.

On Saturday, reports of a drunk Kapil Sharma assaulting his friend and colleague Sunil Grover, started doing the rounds. Sunil’s silence on the issue raised our doubts of it being true. And then Kapil’s official statement on Facebook confirmed the reports.

It is not the first time, Kapil has been accused of assaulting a colleague. Not so long back, the comedian was accused of misbehaving with female artists like Tanishaa Mukerji, Monali Thakur and others during International Marathi Film Festival Awards 2015. Commenting on the issue, he had tweeted. “I fall, I rise, I make mistakes, I live, I learn, I’ve been hurt but I am alive. I am human, I am not perfect but I am thankful 🙂 (sic)”

So no sorry or remorse, but a claim to be human.

His reaction to his tiff with Sunil Grover is almost similar to his previous response.


“I meet my brother once in a year and spend almost every day with my team, especially Sunil. I love him, I respect him…Yes I had a argument with him but are we not normal people? I shouted at him for the first time in 5 years… itna to chalta hai bhai. We will sit and talk that where is the problem. I love him as an artist, as a human being. He is like my elder brother. Why so much negativity all the time? I respect our media. There are some other serious issues which we need to focus. Is my and Sunil’s issue is so important and related to the security of my country? We spend a lot of time together rather than our families… an d sometime it happens in family. It’s our family matter and we will sort this out… zyada maze mat liya karo,” a part of his note on Facebook said.

We agree that to err is human, but to say that “it’s our family matter and we will sort it out, zyaada maza mat liya karo,” and brushing off the entire issue with “humari har flight me ladai hoti hai, and that “I have shouted at him first time in 5 years” is not cool.

Instead, he could have used just one word to deal with the issue better–sorry; that is if he found the word apologise too long (as mentioned in Koffee With Karan), a smaller word would have made the difference.

We expected better from you, Kapil.

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