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Delhi Sikh Leader Paramjit Singh Sarna wants Indo-Pak Dialogue Not War || SNE

Feb 28, 2019




Sardar Sarna urged both New Delhi and Islamabad to exercise restraint for the sake of a region that is a major source of agricultural supplies not only in the subcontinent but also internationally.



Most importantly, Punjab is the cradle of Sikhi, he observed. “Bombs, missiles and firepower make no distinction when they strike. Our Sikh heritage on both sides is at the highest risk in the event of a full-scale conflict,” the SADD chief cautioned. “Anyone in any responsible position echoing war-mongering of vested interests is certainly no friend of Punjab and its people.”



The SADD leader emphasised that the current year marks the 550th birth anniversary of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib, who revolutionised the world of spirituality by introducing interfaith dialogue. “How can a region where Jagat Guru was born can then be thrust into a war, that too in the 550th year of his birth?”



Sardar Sarna called upon the two sides to come to the negotiating table at the earliest and de-escalate. “No one can afford a war. We don’t want a war at the cost of the cradle of Sikhi.”


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