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Drawn By Langar Sewa, Chinese, Jamaicans Take To Sikh Faith || SNE

Apr 30, 2019





Madison square at Manhattan in New York is abuzz with activity. What sets apart the Baisakhi Nagar Kirtan parade held this weekend, is that it has started drawing a multi-ethnic crowdapart from punjabis and hindus.

Necks turn as jamaica-based Nigel, a nurse by profession, converses in chaste punjabi. A jamaican woman from New York, who gose by the name of kamaljeet kaur, too, mingles in the crowd chatting in punjabi. this leaves many from the third generation of punjabi diaspora wonderstruck as most children born and raised here struggle with their mother tongue.










His wife Laurie is more forthcoming. “I havebeen in a relationship with the Punjabi Sikh man for good three years. We have raised our children in the Punjabi culture and within the sikh faith. We are all loved equally by God. I have a Christian background, I belive he and I pray to the same God. I feel strongly about wanting to learn Punjabi as its importent for our future within his family and our potential one. I know we can share a wonderful life together. I have great respect and love for his family that I’ve never met, because they have raised a great man. I wish to soften their hearts.”

Gill is all smiles, as he observes his wife talking with unflinching faith in relation and religion.

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