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Exclusive review | Chaar Sahibzade: The Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur by Harjinder Singh Dilgeer | Sikh News Express

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Nov 17, 2016

Exclusive review on Chaar Sahibzaade: Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur by renowned Historian and Sikh Intellectual Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer, only at program Right Angle with Jasneet Singh
In the interview, Dr. Dilgeer revealed various aspect of the story and also exposed the historic and philosophical blunders made in the movie.

20 shocking blunders and distortion of Sikh history.
1.Film shows Banda Singh surrendered. It is untrue. Due to hunger Banda Singh and the Sikhs had become so weak that they could not even move. When there was no movement for several days, the Mughal forced broke open the gate of the fortress and arrested the Sikhs.
2.Film shown only a few dozen Sikhs whereas the number was more than 700.
3.Banda Singh son is shown as killed with sword, whereas his liver was pulled out and an attempt was made to thurst the same in Banda Singh’s mouth
4.Film shows that Banda Singh was killed by pulling out his eyes. Reality I that first his legs were cut off and then his arms were cut off one by obe, then his eyes were pulled out and his head was broken with a hammer.
5.Film says Anandpur Sahib was got vacated by Wazir Khan, whereas it was Bilaspur and Handur armies,
6. Film says Chamkaur was surrounded by Wazir Khan with 10 lakh army. Film has tried to establish the gossip of Zafarnama. First it was not Wazir Khan’s army (it was Malerkotla army) which has put siege to Chamkaur. Secondly the total number of the armies of the king, the Governors and other mansabdar was not more than 1.25 lakh.
7.Film says that the Mughals did not remove the debris of the wall in which asahibzadas were walled alive and people bowed to the bricks. This is total lie. By the way they were walled alive in the four walls of the fort (where the bhora sahib has been built).
8. Film say that someone would light a lamp there and the Moghul watchment helped the lady which used to light the lamp. This is lie.
9.Film say Ali Singh and Mali Singh were Diwans (ministers) of Wazir Khan. This is wrong. They were just ordinary employees.
10.Banda Singh has been presented as man with occult powers (blowing atorm etc). This is an attempt to establish that magic does exust. Sikhism rejects it.
11. Film says that Guruji got information from the dera of Jait Ram that Madio Das had established his centre at Naded and Guruji went to meet him. Truth is that Guruji did not go to south ot meet Banda ingh. He went with Nahadur Shah and when Guruji realized that bahadur Shah has changed his mind, then he moved towards Nande.
12.Bhai Mani Singh is shown as present with the wives of the Guru , in Delhi. Whereas he was in Amritsar.
13.Film shown that the Pathans attacked Guruji when Banda Singh was still there. This is totally untrue.
14. The gossip of sending of a doctor by Bahadur Shah to stitch Guru’s wounds too is false propaganda of the Mughals (with an intention to relieve Mughal of collaboration in the attack).
15. Whe the Guru was lying badly woulnded he sent Banda Singh to Punjab.
16.At the time of the Guru the Sikh flag was blue and not kesri. All old books mention BLUE flag and not a single book mentions kesri flag.
17.The emblem/insignia of Khanda was created by the British for their Sikh soldiers. It was not there during Guru’s time or even Ranjit Singh’s time.
18. Guruji did not send 3 + 25 (5 jathas of 5 Sikhs each). Banda Singh came to the Punjab in the TAMDA (trade caravan) of Bhagwant Singh bangesghri.
19.Buria is shown as first halt of Banda Sibgh. It was Khanda and Sehri (near Sonepat).
20.In the film, Banda ask the Guru ‘why did you chose me’ as the leader of the army. The Guru said ‘since long I had been looking for a warrior’.
This is gross insult to Daya Singh, Dharam Singh and all other Sikhs. Were they not ‘warriors’. All of them had already fought several battles.

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