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First Female Sikh DJ, Nisha, Wants To Inspire Women With Punjabi Music In UK || SNE

By  The Tribune .
Nov 15, 2019

This 16-year-old is no ordinary girl. Nisha Singh Bhaker, who is known as ‘NSB’ by her fans is breaking down barriers as the first female Sikh DJ. 


Nisha, who is from Edinburgh, enjoys mixing Punjabi and Afrobeat tunes. The teenager has been behind the disks for less than year, and is still turning heads in the Scottish dance music scene.


Nisha hopes her foray into the world of DJing will empower other Sikh girls to follow suit. She is an ambassador for equality and diversity and has spoken at the Scottish Parliament about improving the lives of the nation’s ethnic minorities, according to Asia Samachar. 


Nisha, who is in her last year of high school, said: “I’ve always loved loud music and it is rare to catch me without a pair of headphones on as I listen to all the latest beats”.


“But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would one day be a DJ in front of crowds of people. It’s just not something that a young Sikh woman would do”.


In my culture, women are expected to stay at home and not do much. But I’m hoping by becoming Scotland’s first female Sikh DJ, I will inspire other young women in my community to follow their dreams and realise no hobby or career is out of reach.”


She added: “I’ve only been doing it for a few months but I have a set of decks in my house and I practice all the time. I just love getting Punjabi music out there and watching other young people enjoy it.”

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