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First Sikh candidate submits nomination papers for minority seat || SNE ||

By  daily times .
Jun 08, 2018


KARACHI: First Sikh candidate from Sindh, Sardar Ramesh Singh Khalsa submitted nomination papers for a religious minority seat in Sindh Assembly on Thursday.

“No political party has so far asked me to submit a nomination for the reserved seat, however, I have submitted it as an independent candidate,” said Sardar Ramesh Singh.

I hope the PPP would give me a ticket for the reserved seat, said Singh.

Sikhs are a tiny minority community within religious minorities of Pakistan, and a majority of them lives in Punjab. According to official data, there are only 6,000 Sikhs in Pakistan; however, Sikh representatives claim that the number is around 30,000 to 35,000.

According to official data, there are six million Hindus in Pakistan, whereas Hindu representatives claim they are eight million. Hindus are the biggest religious minority, a majority of which lives in Sindh. They are powerful compared to other religious minorities with many representatives in the national and provincial assemblies as well as Senate.

It is important to note that since the creation of Pakistan not a single Sikh has been elected in the Sindh assembly.

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