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Getting Rid of Ego | Surinder S Sarin | SNE

By  SNE Guest Columnist Surinder S Sarin .
Apr 27, 2017


It is not easy to dispel or disarm ego. It is in the nature of ego that it cannot be eliminated in totality; for that would spell the end of individual. Scriptures make many a ‘prescription’ – and a variety of methodologies – to overcome negative aspects of ego. The most spontaneous and efficacious method is ’Simran’ – dwelling on the Divine Name –to invoke God’s power of positive thought. Remembrance brings our mind closer to the divine bliss. Over a period of time remembrance assumes the attributes of God, driving away human frailties and ushering in the power of positive thought.

The methodology of meditation is effective in reducing the effect of ego to ‘manageable’ proportions. To hold one’s ego at such levels calls for the second discipline of mind, viz. ‘Seva’, i.e. sustainable humanitarianism. In this exercise of the mind, the self is subordinated to the collective good of the people at large. The Western doctrine of utilitarianism upholds the morality that actions are right because they are useful; that THE GREATEST HAPPINESS OF THE GREATEST NUMBER should be the guiding principle of conduct. The human endeavor then transcends utilitarian concerns, – and acquires a spiritual dimension. One who is truly dedicated to Naam Simran has the potential to transcend the physical self. The illusion disappears, yielding to the dawn of reality.

When we finally arrive at the third stage of total transcendence over the sensory regime, our nagging desires no longer cause any trouble. This ‘discipline of mind’ is acquired by means of rational discipline – not by forced austerities. It is the result of prayer – not penance. It ushers in a spontaneous optimism; the mind is restful – no longer over- vaulting in desires.

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  1. Very beautifully expressed and explained. Enjoyed reading every word of this beautiful article. It hurts me when I see people with so much of inflated EGO and are not prepared to admit that they are egoistic. Thanks for sharing.

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