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GOD IN SIKHISM | Surinder S Sarin | SNE

By  SNE Guest Columnist Surinder S Sarin .
Jun 05, 2017


God exists and is the fountain head of truth. God is the creator, formless and beyond time and death. The one gracious God is Nirankar (without form), Akal (timeless) Alakh (ineffable), and Sarab viapak (omni present), that is both within and out. According to Sikh philosophy God is without caste, without birth, self- existent , without attachment and without illusion. Spiritual growth refers not to private or individual salvation but to the increasing ability of man to live truthfully and devote one’s efforts towards the good of others. Sikh ethics is based on oneness of God, brotherhood of man and selfless service.

The God in Christianity is Father. In Sikhism, which does not discriminate between the names of God, God is the only reality which has infinite attributes. For example, He is father, mother, brother, husband, Rama, Madho and all names of Hindu scriptures are attributed to Him; He is Rahim, karim, Pak, Allah, Khuda ( all Muslim names); He is Sukh-sagar, garib-ul-paraste, sada-ang-sang and so on. In Sikhism God is won through love and service to humanity. Christianity and Buddhism hold similar views. Sikhism does not believe in different Gods for different things and also does not sanction worship of or reverence to or even symbolic offerings in thanksgiving to idols, graves, rivers or snakes etc. To some extent Islam falls in line with Sikhism in this respect. Islam and Hinduism sanction animal sacrifice but it has no place in Sikhism.

Sikhism rejects ancestor worship, Sects and all complicated methods of worship. Sikhism accepts no other creator of the universe except God and does not believe in any separate power of Satan or Kalyug. Evil is created by man himself when he fails to abide by the path of truth. Although there is a supreme will of God (hukam) engraved in each conscience, no one is predestined or doomed to misery. It is up to each individual to ‘save’ himself based on his actions and contemplation, but the emancipation can be won by the grace of God.

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