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Have religions been successful in achieving their purpose? | Surinder S Sarin | SNE

By  SNE Guest Columnist Surinder S Sarin .
May 23, 2017


Instead of the kind of world that true religion should have created – a world full of love, compassion and understanding, the history of human race has been one of intolerance and of cruelty and hatred. Over the years man has been responsible for the vilest possible behavior towards his fellow men, nations out to destroy each other to establish domain and power, race against race in the belief that one race was superior to the other, religion against religion, far indeed from the belief that all men and women are children of God and are supposed to love each other

It is tragic that the great advances that man has made in his knowledge of nature and his ability to utilize them while resulting in raising human living standards has done nothing to improve his relationship with his fellow human beings which continued to be bedeviled by the old prejudices and intolerance. Indeed the continuance of these has increased and accentuated the dangers of man’s greater power being used for the destruction of mankind. The world stands cramped today and obsessed with this great fear, and there are no signs of this fear being allayed by hope that man may turn to religion in the true sense of the word and learn to live in peace, harmony and love realizing that we are all God’s children, that He dwells within us all in love. We can only hope and pray that somehow, someday man will learn this truth.

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