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Huddersfield Sikh Soldier Statue Unveiled in Greenhead Park || SNE

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Dec 02, 2019


A statue of a Sikh soldier has been unveiled in a West Yorkshire park to commemorate the thousands of Sikhs who fought and died in World War One and Two.


The £65,000 Indian bronze statue was revealed at Greenhead Park, Huddersfield.


Donations have helped pay for the 6ft-high (1.8m) monument, the Sikh Soldier Organisation said.


Huddersfield was chosen because of its “vibrant” Sikh community, it added.


Kalvinder Bhullar, of the Sikh Soldier Organisation, said: “It is a stunning sculpture and an emotional piece.


“We’ve accomplished our mission to get the statue put in place. The support has been overwhelming.”


More than 83,000 Sikhs were killed and many more wounded during World War One and World War Two, the organisation added.


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