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HUMAN HAPPINESS | Surinder S Sarin | SNE

By  SNE Guest Columnist Surinder S Sarin .
May 06, 2017


How can we secure peace of mind, which one must assume is the end product of human happiness? Before an attempt is made to answer this question, we should know what is happiness. Does it mean material or sensuous happiness or is there anything beyond? In the materialistic world in which we live, the satisfactions arising out of sensuous pleasures and their enjoyment is, to most of us, the ultimate objective of human existence. Indeed many eminent persons have expressed the opinion that scientifically speaking, human happiness is biological or in other words human happiness is connected with sensuous satisfaction.

But most of these eminent persons (scientists) have had no real experience of spiritualism. Their thinking ends with what they can relish through their senses. They ignore completely that our senses have a limited built in range and that we are unable to measure what lies beyond that range. Spiritualism in fact starts from where the senses end.

W.E. Chanting in his book,’ Remarks on the character and writings of Fenclon’ has expressed these beautiful views.” Peace is the highest and most strenuous action of the soul, but an entirely harmonious action, in which all our powers and affections are blended in a beautiful proportion and sustain and perfect one another. It is more than silence after storms. It is as the concord of all melodious sounds… It is a conscious harmony with God and the creation, an alliance of love with all beings, a sympathy with all that is pure and happy, a surrender of every separate will and interest, a participation of the spirit and life of the universe, an entire concord of purpose with its Infinite original. This is peace, and the true happiness of man”

It cannot be denied that as humans our material needs to some extent must be satisfied. Enough to eat and live happily, security of life and property, all combine to provide some measure of satisfaction. But the desires of man, his greed for power and pelf, wealth and riches, fame or renown are limitless. No amount of material possessions, sensuous satisfaction and the like can provide a sense of fulfillment or deep contentment. There is almost always something wanting, some goals to be achieved, some targets to be covered, or gaps to be filled. But even if one could be satisfied with one’s achievements, there are physical handicaps, fatigue and discomforts, illnesses and ailments and lastly the fear of death, which humbles all. One is left deluded of real and abiding happiness.

If one were to assume that happiness is a biological phenomenon, would it not follow that there would be no happiness for the ailing, sick or the aged. On the contrary one often comes across instances, where persons suffering from acute pain or discomforts of old age, are glowing with ecstatic happiness which dulls or removes the pain. Have we not heard of martyrs facing their martyrdom fearlessly, or soldiers fighting to the last with a sense of devotion and pride for their country and cause?

Unfortunately the materialists do not know that real and lasting happiness is a feeling of eternal bliss. The joy and ecstasy experienced by the spiritualists is not a temporary phenomenon. It is rather the everlasting feeling of nearness to Parmatma, the infinite which is the perennial source of joy and perpetual bliss. But this realization does not come by itself. It has to be personally felt and experienced and that too with the grace of Almighty or with the help of those who have already been the recipients of that grace.

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