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In a first for UP, Agra Police launches YouTube channel to track down absconding criminals | SNE

Sep 12, 2017

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In a first in Uttar Pradesh, Agra Police has launched a YouTube channel to trace absconding criminals. As part of this initiative, video evidence collected in criminal cases by the police will be uploaded to help arrest those at large.

With the help of growing high-speed internet connections, widely installed CCTV cameras, mobile phone cameras and other online surveillance gadgets, the police plan to develop a cyber-intelligence network that will run parallel to its human intelligence network consisting of its personnel and informers.

Talking to India Today, the Inspector General said that the police’s employing informers is a good way to solve crimes, but also susceptible to several failures and threat, including the risk it poses to the lives of informers. With electronic surveillance tools installed all over Agra and in most places in the country, most criminal acts are caught as video evidence. But despite being captured on video, these criminals are not caught as the police are unable to track them down.

If pictures or visuals of these criminals are widely circulated on the internet, it will help a great deal in catching them through information provided by the public.


The channel “Agra Range Crime Video” will be a landmark in dealing with criminals, who have gone underground after committing the crime. They will be tracked down far easily by the police and the identity of the informant will be kept completely confidential. If someone wishes his identity be made public, he or she will be honoured by the police in a public function for having the courage to raise their voice fearlessly against crime.

When India Today checked this channel, there were 15 videos of different crimes, including ATM theft uploaded on it, with 51 internet users having subscribed to it since its launch. The Inspector General expressed hope that this channel will be instrumental in solving crimes and its ambit will be increased soon to include more districts of the zone.

Social activist Amir said, “The UP Police is getting tech-savvy now and this channel is an example of this changing mindset of the police force. The YouTube channel will ensure that faces of absconding criminals become known to everyone in the Agra region as well as outside so that they cannot hide anywhere. The IG’s initiative in this regard is praiseworthy.”

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