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Libraries thirsty for Sikh Literature | Dr HS Dilgeer | SNE

By  SNE Guest Columnist Dr HS Dilgeer .
Jun 19, 2017


An initiative to revive the untold stories of Sikhs

The libraries of colleges and universities and foreign embassies and prime minsters are full of anti Sikh literature. McLeod group and the RSS have gifted 4 lakh books to these libraries. The libraries have no funds or grants to buy genuine books on Sikh history and philosophy. There are about 300 colleges in the Punjab and 200 colleges and universities in other states where there live a good number of Punjabi people. Some of them work for their MA, M.Phil, Ph D thesis and dissertations. They write articles, assignments and dissertations on the basis of anti Sikh literature. So, these libraries need genuine books on Sikhs and Sikhism.
Under this project, a group of Sikh missionaries have launched a plan to supply books to these colleges and foreign embassies and prime minsters. Those who are interested in contributing to this project, may contact.
Under this project 50 books will be gifted to each library.
On each book there a slip will be pasted mentioning the name and (if he/she wishes) the address, phone number or email number of the donor. {e.g. presented by …… }
You can choose your own library, college of foreign mission.
Each set of 50 books will cost about 20 thousand rupees. The project workers shall contribute about half of the cost. Those who want to contribute to this project shall pay only 150 (US $), £120, Euro 140, Australian/Canadian $ 200, Rs 10000.

Any body who wants to support this noble cause can contact at hsdilgeer@yahoo.com

An initiative by Dr Dilgeer
Renowned Sikh historian and researcher

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