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Ludhiana-based environmentalist pens book on trees | SNE

By  The Tribune .
Nov 07, 2017


Gurvinder Singh

Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6

To create awareness about the literary and historical significance and importance of various species of trees, city-based environmentalist Dr Balwinder Lakhewali has come up with a book titled ‘Birkhan Bajh Na Sohndi Dharti’ (Earth doesn’t look beautiful without trees).The book explores the native species of trees at length, in addition to several others — flowering trees, fruit trees and trees that are pleasant to look at. A chapter details the trees which are useful for their medicinal properties, while another gives information about various shade trees and those which are apt for gardens. The books also tells about how to take care of the trees.Then a chapter is dedicated to the heritage trees of Punjab, and those native trees which are endangered as these have become very rare. Dr Lakhewali said he had dedicated a chapter to these trees, “because they are on the verge of extinction need to be saved.”While discussing the historical and environmental importance of trees, the book also looks into how deeply these have been rooted into religious and cultural life of Punjab.There is a chapter dedicated to trees in the Guru Granth Sahib, followed by the trees that have been associated with Sikh Gurus. A number of gurdwaras have been named after trees, underlining their importance.Several chapters talk about the trees which figure in several literary works, especially poems which are considered classics in Punjabi. Different chapters explore the literary and cultural context of banyan, ‘kareer’, ‘pippal’, ‘tahli’, ‘amb’, ‘neem’, ‘toot’, ‘beri’, ‘amaltas’, ‘kikkar’, ‘jand’.Lakhewali said the book was for everyone, not only those who loved nature and literature. “Those seeking information about trees will find useful nuggets of information about different species of trees, but those who love poetry will get a glimpse of how our trees have inspired and been part of literary works.”

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