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Modi’s 1984 rant a trick to intensify Hindu-Muslim polarisation: SADD || SNE

By  Sikh News Express .
May 10, 2019



NEW JERSEY, May 9 — An over-smart Narendra Modi has used the 1984 Sikh genocide pathetically to ultimately trigger a debate over the 2002 Gujarat riots in the hope of intensifying Hindu-Muslim rifts before the last two phases of general elections, SADD president Paramjit Singh Sarna said Thursday.

“Desperate to divide voters on religious ground, the PM’s empty rhetoric over 1984 is a fishing net for the opposition parties,” Sardar Sarna told reporters in New Jersey.

Asked to explain, the SADD chief noted that Modi wanted his rivals to counter-attack him over the 2002 Gujarat riots. “Once they do, the PM and his bhakts would unleash a barrage of hate to deepen Hindu-Muslim sectarian divides for electoral advantage.”



The Sikhs can very well see through this dirty politics, Sardar Sarna said.



He recounted the suffering of Sikh farmers in Gujarat when Modi was its chief minister.



“Modi’s track-record shows how the Gujarat government under him tried to snatch farmland and estates of the Sikhs of Kutch,” Sardar Sarna recalled. “The Kutch Sikhs are still struggling with court cases while Modi is making bogus claims about 1984 for vested interests.”


Both the PM and the Badals, his allies in power, dumped the Kutch Sikh farmers as aliens, the SADD president regretted. “A PM who calls for abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir is instrumental in creating worse conditions for the Sikhs of Kutch in Gujarat by trying to dispossess them forcibly of their agricultural land in the state. Neither he nor his subservient Badals have any moral right to invoke 1984.”


Sardar Sarna, who met some of America’s prominent figures, forecast Modi’s drastic fall in the ongoing general elections.


“His self-centered politics and sectarian ideology is set to cost the BJP dear, so dear it won’t be able to revive itself for decades to come,” he remarked.

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