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Punjab Cop Earns Netizens’ ‘Salute’ After Video of Him Consoling Elderly Woman Goes Viral || SNE

By  the indianexpress .
Nov 26, 2019

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A video of a Punjab cop comforting an elderly woman surfaced on social media over the weekend and has made the internet quite emotional. The 56-second clip has been shared on Twitter by the verified account of Indian Police Foundation.


The old woman narrated her story to the cop as she wept profusely while speaking of her son’s arrest in Malaysia. The police officer not only wiped her tears but also embraced her with a warm hug. So as to soothe her soul, he also told the old woman that he will pray that her son is released soon.


“This Police Constable should be the ultimate role model for the police. Look at the deep sense of sensitivity and empathy with which he listens to and wipes the tears of this elderly citizen,” Indian Police Foundation said in its tweet.




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