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Scholars Express Solidarity with Bhai Amrik Singh Chandigarh.

May 13, 2018


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On the 8th of May 2018, an attempt was made to insult Bhai Amrik Singh at the Southall Gurdwara in London, by removing his turban from his head. The same has happened to several others earlier. The common factor is that the perpetrators are inspired by the teachings of a faction of the Damdami Taksal controlled by Harnam Singh Dhumma. The ultimate cause of hatred expressed in this manner is that the majority of the Sikhs are increasingly returning to the Guru’s original teachings, particularly the ever valid command to serve Akalpurakh and humanity while being guided by rational thought (akleen sahib saviae akleen paiae maan) and without accepting phoney human mediators (such as Sant Babas, Derawalas, fake Brahamgianis, Samprardai heads etc).

The shameless charlatans and their paid slaves are, in turn, controlled and supported by the myopic forces of Hindutava which wrongly believe that rigid regimentation and absolute uniformity is the basis of unity and progress and not liberalism, multiculturalism and freedom of profession. Inspired by such obscurantism, the dark, ignorant and illiterate forces are leading attacks on the Guru’s dedicated Sikhs who love the Guru and depend on the Guru Granth Sahib alone for guidance.

Being powerfully supported, the official goons are able to escape the consequences of their dastardly acts. Such is the extent of impunity available to them that even for planned and admitted murders of the upholders of Guru’s instructions, they are able to escape consequences. They are the true successors of the recent vigilante groups and in ancestry go back to the moving columns (gashti faujan) of Zakaria Khan. The aim of the ubiquitous goon brigades is to force the Sikhs to ‘willingly’ accept the reversal of the Sikhi of Guru Granth and the rahit of the Khalsa.

The Khalsa is claiming his rightful Guru ordained legitimate territory of a spiritual sovereignty over his own mind, body and thought. This is the essential attribute of one who lives according to the word of the immortal Guru Granth and hopes to make unfettered spiritual progress. Authentic Sikh conduct dispenses with the services of spiritual pretenders who subtly claim guruship over Akalpurakh’s Khalsa. The ignorant mental slaves of these illiterate and cunning charlatans are trying to force the sovereign Khalsa to accept to live as their mental slaves.

This is not happening because of the spread of authentic religious awareness in consequence of the free availability of the original source material on Sikh history, religion and spiritual endeavour.

The Khalsa realises that all the international acclaim that it has earned in recent past is the result of sticking fast to the Guru’s word and his rahit. All goodwill, success and glory will be reduced to dust as soon as the Sikhs accept to adjust their thought and conduct according the demands of vigilante groups and their mentors and those who remote control them.

The Sikh institutions are called upon to guarantee the honour, dignity and safety of all Gursikhs, who visit their premises, regardless of the views they hold. They are under the protection of the sovereign Guru as soon as they step into the premises where the Guru Granth presides. The institution heads are duty bound to protect even those Sikhs of the rational Guru who live according to his word and interpret the word according to the bani of the sole Guru Granth Sahib. The Sikhs must be respected even when they refuse to succumb to the intimidation, insults and abuse of the goons and refuse to give up the truth as they know it.

While we stand in solidarity with Bhai Amrik Singh, we pray to the incomparable Guru who administered the vows of karamnash, dharamnash, kulnash, kiratnash, bharamnash at the initiation ceremony, to guide us all in the hour of this deepening crisis.

[The statement above is jointly issued by Gurtej Singh, Prof. Gurdarshan Singh, S. Jaspal Singh Sidhu Journalist, and S. Gurpreet of Kendri Singh Sabha]

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