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SFJ warns BJP against removal of its “Referendum 2020” hoardings in Punjab | SNE

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Jul 04, 2017

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JALANDHAR: After Punjab unit of BJP has asked state government to remove the hoardings of “Referendum 2020” put up by US based rights group Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) at different places in the state or the party would remove these, SFJ has reacted stating that saffron party would face serious consequences if they remove the hoardings.

In a statement from US, SFJ legal advisor Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, said that they were committed to peaceful and non-violent referendum “seeking independence of Punjab”. “BJP is playing ‘Hindu Card’ again as they have lost the elections and base within Punjab but we will not allow BJP to further its political goals and remove the Referendum 2020 hoardings.

“Any attempts by BJP to remove referendum 2020 hoardings and stop a peaceful and democratic campaign for independence will be dealt with equal force”, said Pannun.

“We, Sikh nationalists are peacefully campaigning for referendum in Punjab to create a separate Sikh country Khalistan and we will have the backing of foreign nations to achieve our goal if India forces violence on Sikhs again as they did in 1990’s”, he added.

“Democratic nations like England and Canada allow referendum on the question of Sovereignty and they do not use bullet to muzzle the voices of freedom as India did to the People of Punjab in 1990’s”, SFJ legal advisor argued.

Declaring that the “Referendum 2020” campaign in Punjab will be organized from Sikh rights group’s centralized office in New York, attorney Pannun stated that it would ask the People of Punjab to express their opinion on a statement, “The non-binding “Referendum 2020″ will be managed by independent reputable organizations and monitored by international NGOs and human rights activists. In year 2020 apart from Punjab, polling will be held in major cities of North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Kenya and the Middle Eastern Countries,” he added.

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