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Sikhs Allowed To Take Exams With Kirpan & Kada: Ashok Gehlot || SNE

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Dec 06, 2019


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JAIPUR: Chief minister Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday announced that the state government had approved a draft Rajasthan Anand Marriage Registration Act 2019 and allowed Sikhs to attend competitive examination wearing religious symbols.


Gehlot made the announcement at a ‘Shabad Kirtan’ function to commemorate the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ji at his residence.


“Anand marriage” is a Sikh marriage solemnized by “Anand” commonly known as Anand Karaj.


He said the draft of the Act was prepared in consultation with the experts of the Sikh community and the draft has been given approval.


He also announced that the candidates from the Sikh community would be allowed to wear their religious symbols like kirpan, kada, turban etc during the competitive examinations. The government had issued directions to this effect. The teachings of Guru Nanak Dev is very relevant today. Guru promoted unity of humans fighting discriminations, he said.


“He preached Hindu-Muslim unity and it stands sacrosanct even today. In his teachings, he used to say that I am neither Hindu nor Muslim, but I am a follower of God. He gave a message to stand for truth which is relevant today.”


Gehlot stressed on the need to eradicate the ‘parda’ practice saying that limiting women to a “veiled outlook” cannot be “justified.”


“Although this practice has not been adopted throughout the country, but it is followed strongly in Rajasthan and I think that time has come that we should say no to ‘parda pratha’ (custom).


“This is a scientific era, age of mobiles where world can be reached out through the cellphone, and in this situation, limiting a woman to veiled world is not justified,” he said.

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