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Jan 02, 2018

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As the country leaps into the new-year all the past misnomers should be thrown out of the window because ‘new year’ means a new start with new resolutions. It is expected that the Prime Minister and his cabinet will put all the past controversies and heartburns on the backburner and start working towards improving the economy of the country. The government should also start building the confidence in the minds of the minorities.  The minorities are an integral part of the country and they should not fear the fringe groups.

The rights of all the citizens have to be protected in letter and spirit of the constitution. The government should ensure that the fringe elements do not take constitutional provisions and rights in their own hands and murder the democratic norms insured by the constitution of India. The fringe groups should not be used to create communal divide for winning the elections or degrading the opposition parties.  Otherwise the people of the country will lose faith in the law and order machinery of the state.

 The public discourse should also improve during the elections and the debate should be on how to keep the country united and trudge on the path of progress. The lawmakers and spokespersons of all political parties should have determination to find a “better” version of projecting their party leaders and opposition leaders. If the narrative is bad its gives wrong signals about Indian democracy to other nations of the world.

It is important for all political parties and specially the ruling party to make resolution to serve the country and not to win the election by hook and crook. All the political parties should revaluate their strategies and policies if they want that India should rise a notch higher in the coming year.

The NDA government has to put its act together and try building confidence in the minds of the farmers, traders, businessmen and industrial houses that are facing difficult times due to demonetization and Goods and Services Tax. However much Modi draws upon his considerable communication skills to convince people that things are better today than in the pre-NDA era, the stark truth is staring in the eyes of the ruling party as its popularity is going down inspite of the fact that it has managed to form government in 19 states. 

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