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UK Sikhs serve iftar to 5,000 Syrian Muslims for Ramzan || SNE ||

By  India Today .
Jun 14, 2018

Khalsa Aid members providing food to Syrian refugees in Iraq.(Photo: Twitter/Khalsa_Aid)


The Sikh community is known for its generosity and selfless service. Exemplifying the value of ‘Sarbat da Bhalla’ which translates to well-being for all, Khalsa Aid, a UK-based international NGO, is providing iftar food packages for Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Iraq.

Khalsa Aid is funding fresh food for Ramzan in collaboration with the Sawa for Development and Aid, a local Lebanese charity. Together they are providing fresh iftar meals to more than 5,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon daily through their ‘Ramzan Kitchen’.





It’s part of a month-long initiative run by Sawa Aid. Sawa means “together” in Arabic. The kitchen has been open for the past five years and is funded through donations.

The initiative has helped provide a sense of belonging for a community that has had to flee their homeland to escape persecution.

Khalsa Aid became the first ever cross-border international humanitarian aid organization based on the Sikh principles. The charity was founded by Ravinder Singh, who was struck by the plight of the refugees in Kosovo in 1999.

They have been instrumental in providing crucial aid to millions of people in crises such as the Yemen Civil War, the earthquakes in Haiti, Gujarat, and Nepal, floods in the UK, the Sri Lankan tsunami and recently Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar seeking refuge in Bangladesh.

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