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Video To Sensitise Americans On Turban Goes Viral || SNE

By  The Tribune .
Jul 26, 2019

Video To Sensitise Americans On Turban Goes Viral || SNE

A comedy video educating Americans about Sikhs and their turban has gone viral and become a sensation on social media. While America is facing polarised atmosphere in the recent years, the National Sikh Campaign (NSC) partnered with a Hollywood comedic powerhouse, Funny or Die, to inject humour in public conversation while talking about a subject which often makes people uncomfortable. The video has already been watched by a diverse and young audience close to half a million within four weeks of its launch. Every day the number is growing.


As per the NSC, the laughter filled video, “Diversity Day”, features a Sikh director as well as two Sikh actors, Babbu and Sandy Gill. The video is set in a modern day workplace during an HR training addressing discrimination. Audiences have been laughing along as a struggling-to-be-politically-correct moderator addresses a Sikh-American turban wearing man. Their interactions hilariously reveal facts about the Sikh faith and beliefs in a funny and relatable way.


“The Sikh turban is a symbol of religious and gender equality and worn as a declaration to stand up for injustice for all people. Due to ignorance of this most important feature of Sikhism, Sikhs and their young ones face negative and sometime hostile environment,” said Anjleen Kaur, executive director of the National Sikh Campaign and We Are Sikhs.

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