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Watch: A stand-up comedian boldly compared PM Modi to Big Boss. Here’s why | SNE

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Sep 07, 2017



“Is it okay if we talk about Modi ji?” Abijit Ganguly, a stand-up comedian, nervously laughs and asks before his riff on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “I had to ask at least once,” he said, telling the audience he has absolutely no problem with Modi.

Apparently Ganguly’s only problem with “Modi ji” is the amount of work he has to do now, because of the government’s constant stream of new policies. First there were demonetisation, then the Aadhar Card “without which you don’t exist”, then the goods and services tax (GST), then the Aadhar Card, again, which you have to link with your PAN card, bank account, phone number and more.

“What is going on?” exclaims Ganguly in exasperation, and complains, “First, I used to get work from my dad, then from my boss – now, separately, I also get work from Modi ji.”

He continues to express his fear at the word “Mitron”, because it usually comes with Modi announcing more work for him to do, but commends Modi’s marketing game for being so strong that he induced citizens to actually celebrate paying more taxes.

One of the punchlines during the performance: “I didn’t need to insult Manmohan Singh in this (previous) joke. But I did, and I’m not even scared. But with Modi ji, I’m saying ji ji, and still feeling terrified.”


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