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What is the MAYA, according to Sikhism | Surinder S Sarin | SNE

By  Surinder S Sarin .
Jul 20, 2017


MAYA : Sikhism does not accept the conventional meaning of ‘maya’……. An illusion. The world is not maya ; it is creation of God and as such an abode of the Truthful one, or rather a temple of Divinity. According to Sikhism maya is the principle of duality. It is duality which makes one forget Parmatma and attracts men to wealth, beauty and power.
The root of maya is egoism, the assertion of the self, which makes a man feel separate from his divine part. By such fetters, man binds himself to his kith and kin and worldly possessions. Maya is a trap for the soul. Maya may take a subtle form like self- importance or self- complacency. It may form different patterns like intellectual pride, family attachment, pleasure- seeking and money -grabbing. It plays an important part in daily life. There is an antidote for maya. It is the Name of God which works as a spell. Maya gets under control and no longer harasses the disciple.

The evil effect of maya takes long to eradicate. Along with self- effort, Guru’s grace is quite necessary. Guru Nanak says, “ The true Guru has revealed the One to me. I have destroyed duality and recognized Him through the Guru’s word.” Between man and God is the wall of ignorance, and once it is removed, man realizes his kinship with Divinity.

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